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From Cllr Barry Stamp
Leader of the Independent Group
Stafford Borough Council

For Publication on the Letters To The Editor Page Stafford Newsletter

28th March 2013

Dear Editor

I was surprised with the comments by Cllr Winnington in last week's Newsletter in which he said the £42,000 cost of upgrading the sub base on the paving outside the new Staffordshire Place to allow vehicles access to clean windows and carry out inspections was being paid by the County Council and not the buildings original contractors. However, rather than close the issue I feel this statement only raises a number of other questions.

Firstly one must ask why the County Council allowed this paving to be laid on an unsuitable sub base in the first instance, as surely they must have realized that vehicles would need access to carry out maintenance and repair functions. Who was, if not the County Council, responsible for specifying the work and checking it was up to standard?

Secondly had this paving not have needed relaying would the County Council have torn it up to upgrade the sub base to a level they were happy with and if not how did they intend to carry out maintenance on the building?

The new paving around Staffordshire Place was installed as part of the new building and if it is not fit for purpose, as other parts of the building obviously are, should surely be put right by the contractors. Time and time again Cllr Winnington has said that the remedial work on the building is not costing ratepayers a penny, but this job has just added an extra £42,000 to the bill.

Yours sincerely
Cllr Barry Stamp

Stafford Borough Council
Civic Centre
ST16 3AQ

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