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Published February 2009

Barry Questions Tories On Plan To Leave Town Parks Open At Night
Finally the Tories mishandling of the Council budget is coming home to roost. Barry Stamp recently discovered in their panic to save money the Council were working on a plan which might lead to members of the Borough's Park Rangers staff to be made redundant.

While this is bad enough the knock on effect would mean there would not be enough staff to carry out even the basic duties such as locking the gates on the town park at dusk.

At a recent meeting of the Council Barry challenged the Conservative Cabinet Member for Leisure with this fact and was shocked when he admitted that such a scheme was being considered! This would mean anyone could get access to the area of the park which contains the bowling green and the aviary, which has already been the scene of a vandal attack which resulted in the death of some of the birds.

"The fact that the Tories are considering such a scheme really shows how desperate they are to save money. Victoria Park is a real showcase for the town and leaving the gates open at night is just calling for trouble," said Barry.

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Published by Barry Stamp "Deerhurst", Newport Road, Haughton, Stafford ST18 9JH